Biography booklet

Y3 to Y6:
Non-fiction writing – Biographies

In this session children work in pairs to write their partner's biography, following a class discussion to produce a mind-map of key questions to ask. They use two A3 double-sided worksheets which they fold to make into a 16-page A5 booklet, telling their partner's biography in words and pictures.

Learning objectives
Speaking, questioning, listening, writing and presenting information texts.

Size of group
Individual classes or small groups.

About 60 – 90 minutes.

Location and requirements
Use of photocopier to run off A3 worksheets.

Ideas for follow-up activities

  • Researching: Children research and write the biography of a real person they are interested in.
  • Mentoring: Older children mentor younger children to write each other's biographies.
  • Imagined biography: Children imagine meeting someone their age but from another place and another time (past or future). What's their story?
Biography writing Biography writing
Biography writing Biography writing

Galleries of children's work
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Y3 work based on recounting a partner's biography