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Y3 to Y6:
Queen Elizabeth II – Her Story
Biographical recount with a formal letter-writing activity

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in British history. This session offers a biographical recount of her life, based on my best-selling children's biography. It includes a letter-writing activity in which children write formal letters to the Queen. Looks at the format of the letter, the formal salutation, the formal closing line, and the postal address to use.

The letter content would be for children to decide. What would they like to ask the Queen? What would they like to tell the Queen about themselves, their family, their town, their hopes for the future, and so on? This would be part of the class discussion.

Learning objectives
Letter format, correct greeting and closing styles, persuasive and informative writing.

QE2 group

Size of group
Works best with a small group – ideally fewer than 30.

About 90 minutes (this allows for discussion time, writing time and, hopefully, sharing time at the end of the session).


VIP visitor
The Queen comes too! See photo to the left.

Will the Queen write back?
A Lady-in-Waiting will – the Queen has 14 Ladies to help her. See last letter below – a reply from Buckingham Palace to a child's letter.

QE2 - letter QE2 - letter QE2 - letter
QE2 - letter QE2 - letter QE2 - letter