Non-fiction talk

Y3 to Y9:
Talk – The journey of a non-fiction book

In this session I describe the journey of a children's non-fiction book, from the first idea to the finished book. I outline the work of key people – editor, author, illustrator and designer, and explain who does what, when, how and why. A fact-filled talk with a Q&A session at end.

Learning objectives
Listening and responding, questioning.

Size of group
Usually delivered to a whole year group (Y3 to Y9) or all of KS2 together (Y3 to Y6). Can also be delivered to individual classes.

60 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions at the end.

Large groups – school hall or library.
Small groups – classroom or library.

Non-fiction talk 2 Non-fiction talk 2 Non-fiction talk 2