Myths booklet

Y1 to Y6:
Creative writing – Myths

In this session children work individually to write their own myths following a class discussion to agree on characters, plot and setting. They use A3 double-sided worksheets which they fold to make into an 8-page A5 booklet.

The worksheets are differentiated for Y1/Y2, Y3/Y4, Y5/Y6 – more writing and less picture work being expected the older the year group.

Learning objectives
Creating and shaping imaginative texts.

Size of group
Individual classes or small groups.

About 60 – 90 minutes.

Location and requirements
Use of photocopier to run off A3 worksheets.

Ideas for follow-up activities

  • Group work: Children work in small groups to plan and write further myths.
  • Mentoring: Older children mentor younger children to create myths.
  • Sharing through role-play: Finished myths are shared in assemblies, with two or three children assuming character roles to present their myth.
Myths writing Myths writing Myths writing Myths writing
Myths writing Myths writing Myths writing

Galleries of children's work
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