Pack contents

1. Make a Non-Fiction Book Workshop Pack
A role-play workshop for children aged 7–11

England & Wales Y3–Y6
Scotland & Northern Ireland P4–P7

Created by non-fiction author John Malam

For many years I have presented a role-play workshop where children work in teams to create their own unique non-fiction books. It's one of my most popular sessions on a school visit.

Schools have asked if the workshop is available for staff to deliver in their own time – and now it is.

What is the 'Make a Non-Fiction Book Workshop'?

The workshop uses role-play to encourage children to work as part of a publishing team. Each team has four children, acting out the roles of Author, Editor, Illustrator and Designer as they complete a series of activities to create a non-fiction book with 16 pages.

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is for KS2 children: Y3 to Y6 (England and Wales); P4 to P7 (Scotland and Northern Ireland).

How many can take part?

The workshop is supplied with materials for up to 40 children, working in 10 teams of 4. You can deliver it as one big workshop for all 40, or as several smaller workshops with fewer children.

How long does the workshop last?

  • A minimum of three hours – and this would be at a fast pace for able or older children.
  • For a slower pace allow more time – two morning sessions, two afternoon sessions: you can decide.
  • Alternatively, you could present it over the course of several days, broken down into smaller sessions.

How do schools deliver the workshop?

The workshop comes as a ready-to-use pack of:

  • x10 activity worksheets (size B2 – 70cm x 50cm)
  • x16 non-fiction topic cards
  • x1 16-page Teacher's Guide

Using the Teacher's Guide you take the children through each step in the journey of creating an illustrated non-fiction book, from the initial idea to the printed page. The workshop imitates the real-life publishing process of book creation. All the work the children do – with the exception of an optional writing activity – happens on the B2 worksheet.

Why use such a big activity sheet?
Non-fiction books are printed on large sheets many times the size of the finished pages. For example, a 32-page non-fiction book is made from just 2 sheets of paper. The worksheet uses exactly the same principle – one sheet to create a 16-page book.

What are the workshop activities?

  • Choosing a non-fiction topic
  • Choosing a book title for the topic
  • Researching the topic
  • Planning the book's chapters
  • Writing chapter (an optional non-fiction writing activity)
  • Editing the text
  • Designing the front cover
  • Illustrating the front cover
  • Proofreading the text
  • Publicity (marketing the book)
  • Blurb writing
  • Printing the book
  • Compiling the contents and index
  • Scheduling (is there enough time to create the book?)
  • Selling the book
  • Feedback (what have the children learned?)

Pricing, ordering, guarantee

  • x1 pack = £49 (for 40 children)
  • x2 packs = £89 (for 80 children)
  • x3 packs = £129 (for 120 children)
  • x4 packs = £169 (for 160 children)
  • x5 packs = £199 (for 200 children)
  • More than 5 packs – please ask for price
  • P&P = FREE

Ordering / enquiries
To place an order or make an enquiry, please email or phone (01606 863540).

Money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the workshop!


  • "I really appreciated the opportunity to observe the class working in the groups and to listen to their discussions. The nature of the workshop was unique, taking the children through the book making process."
    — Jo Callister, Tilston CE Primary School, nr Malpas, Cheshire
  • "Children are now aware of the technical aspects of producing a non-fiction book, which also widens their knowledge of the world of work."
    — Jacqueline O'Donnell, St Lucy's Primary School, Cumbernauld
  • "In the Make a Non-Fiction Book workshop the children were enthralled as they acted out the roles of the publishing process to create their own non-fiction books. John provided a high interest, informative and inspiring day."
    — Leanne Cox, Literacy Leader, Shevington CP School, Wigan
  • "John's Make a Non-Fiction Book workshop is challenging and engaging. The carefully designed, differentiated tasks encourage teamwork, research skills and time management as well as improving children's literacy."
    — Steven Taylor, Director of Literacy, Accrington Academy
  • We were all fascinated by the work that goes into producing a book and also how teamwork is an integral part of the book making process. I overheard one child say to their friend, "I'm going to make my own book tonight!". All the children were amazed at the fact that non-fiction books are made from large sheets of paper. Their teacher certainly was!
    — Adam Wales, Deputy Headteacher, Messingham Primary School, nr Scunthorpe