John Malam with Y2

School visits
What can I offer you?

  • I have years of experience as a visiting author to schools, presenting literacy workshops, talks and readings for children from Reception to Y9. They're summarised below – use the links in the menu to the left for full details.

  • As a children's non-fiction author you will find my visit is refreshingly different from that of a fiction author or a poet.

  • Fiction reading Reception and Y1: My picture-book farmyard story The Very Sleepy Pig. Children join in, and there's a fun surprise at the end.
    Learning objectives: Listening and responding, predicting.

  • Non-fiction reading Y1 and Y2 (with optional writing recount activity): A biography reading using one of my many KS1 biographies. The class votes for which biography they would like me to read. Can be followed with an optional writing recount activity.
    Learning objectives: Listening and responding, questioning, chronological writing (if you follow up the reading with a writing activity).

  • Creative writing Y1 to Y6 – Myths: Children write myths and produce mini-booklets.
    Learning objectives: Creating and shaping imaginative texts.

  • Non-fiction writing Y3 to Y6 – Biographies: Children work in pairs to write their partner's biography and produce mini-booklets.
    Learning objectives: Speaking, listening, writing and presenting information texts.

  • Non-fiction writing Y3 to Y6 – Formal letter: Children write a formal letter to the Queen.
    Learning objectives: Letter format, correct greeting and closing styles, persuasive and informative writing.

  • Role-play workshop Y5 to Y9 – Make a non-fiction book: In this busy, fast-paced workshop children work in teams of four to act out the key roles of people in the publishing process (Author, Editor, Illustrator, Designer) as they create their own non-fiction books in about two hours.
    Learning objectives: Co-operative learning, teamwork, understanding of a real-life manufacturing process.

    Note: This workshop is also available for schools to purchase and deliver in their own time and at their own pace. Click here for details: Make a Non-Fiction Book Workshop

  • Talk Y3 to Y9 – The Journey of a Non-Fiction Book: How a children's non-fiction book is created, from the first idea to the finished book. I outline the work of key people – editor, author, illustrator and designer, and explain who does what, when, how and why. A fact-filled talk with a Q&A session at end.
    Learning objectives: Listening and responding, questioning.

  • First World War sessions for Y1 to Y9 – A range of sessions based around the actual trench letters of a soldier who served on the Western Front.

  • I am a National Literacy Trust Reading Champion, recognised for my work with children and adults, particularly boys and men in creating a reading culture (see the 'Case Study / Getting the Blokes on Board' link in the sidebar to the left). For a downloadable profile to use in school, click here: John Malam Reading Champion profile

  • My visits are inspirational, motivational, and fun. To quote from a Y6 child: "I was having so much fun, I didn't realise I was learning anything, but I was."

  • I am experienced at working with children of all abilities, including SEN, MLD, and G&T.

  • I am CRB cleared, with an Enhanced Disclosure certificate.

  • I have £10 million Public Liability insurance cover for visits to schools in connection with my work.

  • Please use the links in the menu to the left to take you to specific pages describing my work in schools.